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Why Sierra Club Supports Prop 14 And Why You Should Too

We are proud to be a part of the Texas Coalition for State Parks, a group of 90 organizations educating voters about the Centennial Parks Conservation Fund — Proposition 14 — on the ballot this fall. This $1 billion fund will help secure new parks for future generations of Texans to explore and enjoy without increasing taxes.

What is Prop 14?

Prop 14 will create the Centennial Parks Fund, a $1 billion fund that will help secure new parks for future generations of Texans to explore and enjoy without increasing taxes. The Fund will allow the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department to buy land from willing sellers when unique properties that would make for beautiful state parks become available. The fund also allows for the development of these new state parks.

Who supports this?

The Sierra Club of course! Also, Texas lawmakers passed legislation to put this on the ballot with overwhelming bipartisan support. 77% of voters said they would support the constitutional amendment in a poll this summer. Nearly 90 other organizations, representing a diverse cross-section of Texas interests from outdoors, environmental, hunting and angling, and conservation and land groups are in our coalition.

Why is this important?

Investing in parks conserves land and water resources, which protects Texas’ quality of life so future generations can enjoy our land, water, and natural beauty the way we do. Texas State Parks attract nearly 10 million visitors annually, and current state parks can’t keep up with the demand of our increasing population. With the rapid growth of Texas, we must protect Texas’ last remaining natural areas today so that they won’t be lost forever to development. Putting Prop 14 on the ballot comes at a time when our state is continuing to experience tremendous growth. Texas is home to 7 of the top 15 most rapidly growing cities in the country.

Where does the money come from?

The Texas Legislature began the year with billions in surplus funds - some $33 billion in all, much of it from sales tax when Texas began to recover from the pandemic. When approving the state’s budget, they set aside $1 billion and placed it into the Centennial Parks Fund, subject to the will of the voters. Thus, the Fund itself will create no new taxes. It will be paid for entirely through the surplus already generated by taxpayers.

Over the next few weeks, please do your part to help educate our fellow Texans on Prop 14 before election day, November 7. Constitutional Amendment elections have historically low turnouts, so we need your help to spread the word to family, friends, and neighbors to VOTE YES on Proposition 14 to Grow Texas Parks! For more information or to access our social media platforms and share our posts, please visit:

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