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Donation FAQ

Why should I donate to the Sierra Club Political Committee of Texas when I can donate directly to a candidate’s campaign?

In short, it’s the power of many vs. the power of one. When you donate directly to a candidate, it’s one individual signaling their support. When you donate to us, you’re adding your voice to the growing choir of Texans singing loudly for change. The Sierra Club Political Committee of Texas strengthens and focuses the power of the climate justice movement to effect change at the ballot box. We are able to put resources where they are needed most, while conveying to endorsed campaigns how powerful environmental voters are in Texas.


Why do I need to include my employer and job title when I donate?

The Texas Ethics Commission requires us to report this information for all online donations as well as donations over $110 per reporting period. So we kindly ask all donors to include this information to reduce the overhead costs of tracking down the information after a gift has been sent to us.


How is my donation used?

Financial gifts are used in a variety of ways but always in service to strengthening the environmental vote. We use donations to help recruit, train, and deploy volunteers who talk to voters through face-to-face conversations, phone banks, texting, and more. We also use donations to reach voters via mail, adding another key layer to reaching voters through the noise of the election cycle. We also use funds to support staff to coach and strategize with endorsed candidates about their environmental platform as needed, and, when appropriate, we make direct campaign contributions to select endorsed campaigns.


If I have questions before deciding to donate, is there someone I can talk to?

Yes! Please reach out to Matt Johnson, Chapter Deputy Director, at or 512-888-9398. 

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