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Sierra Club Endorses Hidalgo, Garcia, Briones for Harris County

The Sierra Club enthusiastically endorses three great candidates for Harris County.
Harris County Judge: Lina Hidalgo
Harris County Commissioner, Precinct 2: Adrian Garcia
Harris County Commissioner, Precinct 4: Lesley Briones



As incumbents, both Hidalgo and Garcia have made it a priority to address Harris County’s diverse pollution issues. Under their leadership, Harris County created an Office of Sustainability and initiated development of a County Climate Action Plan.


Hidalgo and Garcia have overseen more equity for flood control projects and other County infrastructure projects, as well as greater County efforts on pollution monitoring and enforcement, and new County efforts on public health & equity.


Both Hidalgo and Garcia have supported alternate transportation modes to give citizens real travel options, reduce traffic congestion, and limit the need for future freeway expansions. Hidalgo stood up to TxDOT and supported community concerns on the I-45 reconstruction project (NNHIP). 


Learn more about Lina Hidalgo’s environmental and climate accomplishments here. And Adrian Garcia’s environmental accomplishments here.


Lesley Briones supports the development of a County Climate Action Plan, supports efforts to deploy count-controlled real-time air quality monitors, and efforts to transition to renewable energy, among many other pro-environment positions..

Learn more about Lesley Briones at

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