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Why Donate?

Lawmakers often talk a good game when it comes to protecting the environment and reducing harmful pollution, but far too many don’t back it up with legislation. If environmental justice is not a campaign issue, it will not be a priority for policymakers. That’s why we work to elect leaders who will lead on environmental justice. 

The Sierra Club does not engage in politics simply to win elections. Our political goals are driven by values of equity, inclusion, and justice, and a recognition that too few elected officials act and lead with these values. If they did, Texas would be much better at protecting our health, the environment, and wildlife. 

How does the Sierra Club make a difference helping to elect better leaders? Our power is people power. We organize and mobilize Texans from all across the state who share our values rooted in environmental justice and equity. Together, we help build the grassroots power needed to change policies at the state and local level.

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