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for the Austin area

The Sierra Club’s Lone Star Political Committee has endorsed the following candidates in the November 6, 2018, general election in the Austin area. For a list of all our endorsements statewide, click here.


Why aren't some candidates listed? For challengers, endorsements are considered on a rolling basis, and depends on if they submitted a legislative candidate questionnaire and other factors, which may include their public record, past accomplishments, and the intersectional dynamic between their environmental stances and their positions on social justice issues. Incumbent endorsements are also decided on a rolling basis based on voting record and other factors. 


The endorsed candidates on this page are for state and local races only (U.S. House and Senate endorsements can be found here), and have been approved to date. Please check this page regularly for updates.

Statewide Office


Lupe Valdez


Website | Twitter | Facebook


Justin Nelson

Attorney General

Website | Twitter | Facebook

Kim Olson

Agriculture Commissioner

Website | Twitter | Facebook

Mike Collier

Lieutenant Governor

Website | Twitter | Facebook

Roman McAllen

Railroad Commissioner

Website | Twitter | Facebook

Texas Senate

SD 14- Kirk Watson (Inc.)

Website | Twitter | Facebook

SD 25- Steven Kling

Website | Twitter | Facebook

Texas House

HD-46 Sheryl Cole

Website | Twitter | Facebook

HD-47 Vikki Goodwin

Website | Facebook

HD-48 Donna Howard (Incumbent)

Website | Twitter | Facebook

HD-49 Gina Hinojosa (Incumbent)

Website | Twitter | Facebook

HD-50 Celia Israel (Incumbent)

Website | Twitter | Facebook

HD-51 Eddie Rodriguez (Incumbent)

Website | Twitter

HD-52 James Talarico

Website | Twitter | Facebook

HD-136 John Bucy III

Website | Twitter | Facebook

Travis County Commissioner's Court


Precinct 2 Brigid Shea (Incumbent)


Austin City Council


District 1 Vincent Harding

Website | Facebook

Screen Shot 2018-10-02 at 11.48.25

District 3 Susana Almanza

Website | Facebook


District 8 Bobby Levinski

Website | TwitterFacebook


District 9 Kathie Tovo (Incumbent)

Website | TwitterFacebook

Bond propositions

Proposition A

$250 million for affordable housing

Proposition B

$128 million for libraries, museums and cultural centers

Proposition C

$149 million for parks and recreation

Proposition D

$184 million for flood mitigation, open space, and water quality protection

Proposition E

$16 million for health and human services

Proposition F

$38 million for public safety

Proposition G

$160 million for transportation infrastructure

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