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The Sierra Club’s Lone Star Political Committee has endorsed the following candidates in the November 3, 2020, general election.

Why aren't some candidates listed? For challengers, endorsements are considered on a rolling basis, and depends on if they submitted a legislative candidate questionnaire and other factors, which may include their public record, past accomplishments, and the relationship between their environmental positions and social justice positions. Incumbent endorsements are also decided on a rolling basis based on voting record and other factors.


The endorsed candidates on this page are for state and local races only. 

For Texas Congressional endorsements click here.


Chrysta Castañeda - Railroad Commission

Texas House

District / Candidate


14 Janet Dudding

26  Sarah DeMerchant

27 Ron Reynolds (incumbent)

28 Eliz Markowitz

32 Eric Holguin

40 Terry Canales (incumbent)

45 Erin Zwiener (incumbent)

46 Sheryl Cole (incumbent)

47 Vikki Goodwin (incumbent)

48 Donna Howard (incumbent)

49 Gina Hinojosa (incumbent)

50 Celia Israel (incumbent)

51 Eddie Rodriguez (incumbent)

52 James Talarico (incumbent)

54 Likeithia "Keke" Williams

64 Angela Brewer

65 Michelle Beckley (incumbent)

66 Sharon Hirsch

67  Lorenzo Sanchez

70  Angie Bado

75 Mary Gonzalez (incumbent)

77 Evelina Ortega (incumbent)

78 Joseph Moody (incumbent)

79 Art Fierro (incumbent)

91 Jeromey Sims

92 Jeff Whitfield

93 Lydia Bean

94 Alisa Simmons

96 Joe Drago

97 Elizabeth Beck

98 Debra Edmondson

101 Chris Turner (incumbent)

102 Ana-Maria Ramos (incumbent)

103 Rafael Anchia (incumbent)

104 Jessica Gonzales (incumbent)

105 Terry Meza (incumbent)

106 Jennifer Skidodenko

107 Victoria Neave (incumbent)

108 Joanna Cattanach

109 Carl Sherman Jr. (incumbent)

110 Toni Rose (incumbent)

111 Yvonne Davis (incumbent)

112 Brandy Chambers

113 Rhetta Andrews Bowers (incumbent)

114 John Turner (incumbent)

115 Julie E. Johnson (incumbent)

116 Trey Martinez Fischer (incumbent)

121 Celina Montoya

123 Diego Bernal (incumbent)

126 Natali Hurtado

130 Bryan Henry

131 Alma Allen (incumbent)

134 Ann Johnson

135 Jon Rosenthal (incumbent)

136 John Bucy III (incumbent)

137 Gene Wu (incumbent)

138 Akilah Bacy

139 Jarvis D. Johnson (incumbent)

143 Ana Hernandez (incumbent)

145 Christina Morales (incumbent)

146 Shawn Thierry (incumbent)

Texas Senate

District / Candidate


  6 Carol Alvarado
13 Boris Miles
19 Roland Guiterrez
20 Juan Hinojosa
21 Judith Zaffarini
26 Jose Menendez

27 Sara Stapleton-Barrera
29 Cesar Blanco

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