2019 Dallas City Council

Runoff Election Endorsements

The Sierra Club’s Lone Star Political Committee has endorsed the following candidates in the 2019 Dallas City Council runoff elections. 


Why aren't some candidates or districts listed? For challengers, endorsements are considered on a rolling basis, and depends on if they submitted a candidate questionnaire and other factors, which may include their public record, past accomplishments, and the intersectional dynamic between their environmental stances and their positions on social justice issues. Incumbent endorsements are also decided on a rolling basis based on voting record and other factors. 


The endorsed candidates on this page are for local races only, and have been approved to date.

Dallas City Council

Scott Griggs (Mayor)

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Erin Moore (District 9)

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Carolyn Arnold (District 4 inc.)

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Philip Kingston (District 14 inc.)

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Adam Bazaldua (District 7)

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